Elementary School Writing Activities

Activity 1


Create fun flash cards with your class about everyday interactions with people, games or foods they like. At journal time, have them pick a flash card and write about whatever is on their card. Sentence limitations are optional.

Activity 2


Have students experiment with using a more relaxed form of writing in their journals. Ask students to create a dialogue with their best-friend planning their most awesome vacation . The conversation should be as if they were talking face to face; very animated. The journal entry must be 50 word minimum.

Activity 3


At the beginning of class, have all the students sit in a circle. Whisper a phrase in the student to your left’s ear and have him pass/continue the message along until it reaches the person who began the phrase. Have all the students go back to their seats and write down what they heard. Have everyone read what they wrote and how it may or may not vary from the original statement. Then discuss with the class how it is not polite to start rumors or talk behind peoples backs. This lesson  is a great tool in limiting the amount of gossip that goes in and out of the classroom and shows the students how easy it is to spread the untruths.

Activity 4


Have student write a letter to their favorite superhero asking them to switch places with them for a day. The students must list a series of reasons why they would be deserving of those powers and what good deed they would serve to their communities by having  those super powers.

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Best Movies about Teachers, Teaching, Schools, and Education: Top 12 Movies

The list author says: “Here is my list of the best movies about teachers, teaching, schools, and education. The list includes documentaries, dramas based on true stories, dramas, comedies, and even some thought provoking films about transformations from deep learning.The DVDs are sequenced as follows:
1. Dramas based on true stories (docudramas)
2. Documentaries
3. Dramas with connections to teachers, teaching, schools, etc.”
Stand and Deliver
1.  Stand and Deliver DVD ~ Edward James Olmos
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Jaime Escalante.”
Lean on Me (Snap Case)
2.  Lean on Me (Snap Case) DVD ~ Morgan Freeman
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Joe Clark.”
Dangerous Minds
3.  Dangerous Minds DVD ~ Michelle Pfeiffer
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of U.S. Marine LouAnne Johnson.”
Freedom Writers (Full Screen Edition)
4.  Freedom Writers (Full Screen Edition) DVD ~ Hilary Swank
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Erin Gruwell.”
The Ron Clark Story
5.  The Ron Clark Story DVD ~ Matthew Perry
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Ron Clark.”
The Great Debaters
6.  The Great Debaters DVD ~ Denzel Washington
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of the Wiley College debate team.”
Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition)
7.  Coach Carter (Widescreen Edition) DVD ~ Samuel L. Jackson
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of coach Ken Carter.”
Tuesdays With Morrie
8.  Tuesdays With Morrie DVD ~ Jack Lemmon
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Morrie Schwartz and Mitch Albom.”
The Miracle Worker
9.  The Miracle Worker DVD ~ Anne Bancroft
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Anne Sullivan, and her teaching Helen Keller how to communicate.”
Music of the Heart (Miramax Collector's Series)
10.  Music of the Heart (Miramax Collector’s Series) DVD ~ Meryl Streep
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Opus 118 Harlem School of Music.”
Conrack [VHS]
11.  Conrack [VHS] VHS Jon Voight
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of Pat Conroy, and his book The Water is Wide.”
12.  Radio DVD ~ Cuba Gooding Jr.
The list author says:
“The drama based on the story of T. L. Hanna High School football coach Harold Jones and a James Robert “Radio” Kennedy. 


A Listmania! list by Bill Sawyer (Winter Garden, FL)


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Blog All About IT!

Here are a few teacher friendly blogs pertaining to my questions about the role of grammar in journal writing:



Brian Crosby discusses how he uses blogging and other technology in the classroom.



Ruth and Stacey are the authors of Day by Day: Refining Writing Workshop Through 180 Days of Reflective Practice, which is available from Stenhouse Publishers. They live 565 miles apart and have been blogging about the teaching of writing together since 2007.

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Teacher Friendly Literature

Teaching Memoir Writing: 20 Easy Mini-Lessons & Thought-Provoking Activities That Inspire Kids to Reflect on and Write About Their Lives

By Perdita Finn

*This is geared towards students on the 4-8 grade level*


By Marissa Moss


Clever, curious Max, a budding scientist, begins a logbook to record his hilarious experiments and ideas for inventions. In a journal-like style, his logbook also introduces us to his school, friends, family, and an inventive comic strip, Alien Erasers. But most touching of all is Max’s struggle to adjust to his parents’ impending divorce. And while Max tries to control the uncontrollable through his wacky scientific experiments, (like the robot that will keep his family together) he soon learns that Dad’s new house has possibilities of becoming a second home.

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Apartment Pool –

Kids are playing in the neighborhood pool,normal right? NOT!  There is a sign that says this pool is not fit to swim in, by the CDC. Why would they be in there? Can they read? A parent has to know right? Oh yes. There is a woman sitting near the edge of the pool, what looks like their mother, playing the role of a lifeguard. Lol this is crazy! …I wonder why she isn’t in the pool?!


Front Gate –

There are many stupid people in my neighborhood. The exist gate is broken, so it remains open and people relish in the thrill of danger and think it is an additional entrance. The are so bold in their belief that they head into oncoming traffic negating a care for the lives of others. Into oncoming traffic they go, playing chicken… I guess.


Orange Cone –

There is a lady in my complex who always parks in the exact same spot. Now luck has nothing to do with it, she uses the emergency orange cone to get her way. She places the cone in the first parking spot near her front door, resembling either apartment management or property maintenance at hard work. I am upset by her rudeness but also  jealous I never though of this…cleaver!


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